Upper Knife Blade for Overlockers 734D & 744D


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Janome Upper Blade for the Janoem My Lock 744D

Overlocker Blade


Part Number: 794 026 004

Between wear and tear and age, the edge of your overlocker’s blades can lose their cutting surface. While most can be sharpened at least once, it can significantly delay your project. To prevent this from occurring, it is recommended to have at least one spare blade on hand. For this reason, we have the full range of Janome Overlocker blades available for purchase. These blades differ from model to model, so make sure to check your machine’s model number and compare the fixture on your current blade.


This blade is designed to fit models:

734D, 744D


How to change the blades on an overlocker:

When installing new knives on your overlocker just remember this simple rule. For the lower blade, ensure that the blade is screwed into the overlocker with the cutting edge of the blade at the same height as the needle plate. While for the upper blade, hold the compression spring in while initially screwing the upper blade in (releasing when your screw is correctly threaded).

Overlocker Blade Storage:

Like all metal, overlocker blades are suspectable to corrosion. To remove the chance of this occurring on your blades (both on the machine and your spares) coat the blade in a fine sewing machine oil or silicone spray when not in use for a long period.

If you do have any questions, please reach out to us and one of the team will be happy to assist.

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Janome Overlocker / Coverhem ML734D
Janome Overlocker / Coverhem ML744D
Upper Knife Blade for Overlockers 734D & 744D